Hunger for creation

Living in Venezuela is not an easy thing. It does not matter how hungry you are with the new spectacular idea you just had, the only fact that you live in Venezuela makes everything harder for you. Not because Venezuela is a bad country, but because to embrace on a project requires planning, that in Venezuela does not exist. Not because Venezuelan people are bad or disorganized, not even because Venezuelans don’t like to work (this is a lie, Venezuelans, at least the ones I know, are hard workers), instead of that the real problem is because we have one of the worst institutional instabilities in the whole world. Making a plan in Venezuela for the next week is a risky task, because you don’t know what could possibly happen the next week. The only thing you know for sure is that anything is certain (and not in the Socratic way). Everything can change from this hour to another. Unlike other countries like the U.S., or Germany where you can easily make a schedule easy to follow for your new business idea. In Venezuela the struggle comes from every corner.

Today, after making presence in one of the most inspirational establishments I have ever had the opportunity to assist: the Impact Hub Caracas, I left the site more in love with my country. The establishment is a large room full of compartments beautifully distributed to face the creativity problems the entrepreneurs have to face every day. The spot is really amazing, with the floor not so good decorated but perfectly adapted to all needs: simple, clean and solid. The walls cover all by messages, drawings and little stickers that can improve a lot your mental process to take out as much as you can from your brain, inspiration, smart, useful. In conclusion: The entire site is perfectly designed to be neither fancy nor luxurious at all, instead perfect for the creative process. The result is that now I feel more in love with my country, but as one of the speaker said: “loving Venezuela is a harmful love, you really don’t know why, but you love it. You love your country and you love your people, but you are always in the struggle of not knowing if you should go or stay”. That’s the feeling a lot of Venezuelans feel every morning when they wake up and the basic supplies they need are not available. The deep political, social and economic problems are always chasing us, not matter where we go, not matter how we feel. We, as Venezuelans, cannot lose sight of the present situation because we could get involve in the result of bad public resolutions without even knowing they exist. That’s a risk not worth taking.

Who doesn’t fantasize with the idea of leaving the country and going somewhere else where one can live with dignity? Live somewhere else where the lives of the people are respected, the public institutions works as expected despite the government and the government leads to good politics. Rule for the many and not for the one. I’m sure we all have done it, at least once. Is it bad? No, it isn’t. It’s the reality and we have to deal with it. I, myself, have fantasize with the idea of leaving the country looking for a “better future”, but what I have not realize is that the future is something uncertain, it does not matter what country we go, it will always be uncertain, because is not only the planning or the idea of living in a house with everything we need or have the supplies in the supermarket, of course it is important and I hate how in my country we have to stand in line to buy basic goods, but your future is made up by you and nobody else. I don’t know what the future holds (Has the future really the power to hold something?), but what I know is that as long as possible I will give everything to pursue my dreams and to love my country in the process.

We are not tied to our country’s ideals or our country’s bad governments; we don’t even have to love our country. I don’t love Venezuela because is Venezuela. I love Venezuela because is my country. Venezuela is beautiful, yes, but the whole world is. What tie me to this country are my roots, some love beyond description. Some feeling, some sensation that is beyond description, that to understand it you need to feel it, right in your soul. I love my country because is mine. I don’t believe in that nonsense of the “most beautiful beaches and women in the world”, I don’t believe that I have a duty to love my country, but instead I have a duty with myself, with my beliefs and as long as I can… I will love my country from inside, working for it. Venezuela, as any other country is unique, but the authenticity and uniqueness of my country is the thing that matters to me, is the thing that I want to transmit to all the people I know and don’t know. The Venezuelan feeling is the beautiful thing I want to pass on to other hearts. My hunger for creation will stay in Venezuela as long as possible, Living Venezuela, because Venezuela needs to be lived.


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