I’m not afraid of being wrong

I think this is one of the few entries I have written in English and I am sure I will make a lot grammar mistakes, in the end I am not the best writer, not even in Spanish.

The other day I was talking to my aunt about astronomy, I was trying to explain her what exactly was the Milky Way Galaxy and how to recognize it with the naked eye. The whole conversation began with a meditation on why the astrology was nothing but bullocks. She said to me that she believed in the signs of the zodiac and she also believed that these signs can affect your personality. After that event I found myself involve in a deep conversation about religion and the “help” of God to create the universe. I am not going to bore you explaining every little thing I said to explain my main point, I am just gonna tell you how the “lack of fear” is something amazing. For me it’s clear that I prefer to hear something stupid than to hear nothing at all. I prefer ingenious questions than the complete silence of the ignorance and shame.

The lack of fear to ask anything that comes up to her mind called my attention and remind me to the TedTalk of Sir Ken Robinson about Creativity, when he explained how the lack of fear is really important to the development of new discoveries. “If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with something original”, he said. And I think he is right. Sometimes we lost ourselves in the deepest part of our minds wondering what something is, wondering if the question we have in mind are important, well let me tell you that they are. It does not matter how silly a question can sound, it can be very important to our understanding on the subject.

The truth is that the lack of fear will lead us to unexplored territories and to unexplored thoughts, the lack of fear will shape our knowledge into something great and big, something worthy.

That’s why I decided from today on I will not pay attention to the silliness of my questions according to my mind, the lack of fear is what really will push us into the life we have always dreamed. In the end, you will have as many opportunities as your body can resist.



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