Mi ensayo para un curso de programación

En un curso de programación me pidieron que escribiera un pequeño “ensayo” acerca de cómo fue para mí mi primera experiencia en el mundo de la programación. El ensayo es de apenas 450 palabras, no muy largo, pero está en inglés. Espero sus comentarios, ¡y sus experiencias!

Aquí el ensayo:

I am a new programmer, that’s all I can say about myself. Always a learner of the world, everything I see is to be learned.

In this field I learnt something that was very meaningful for me: perseverance, all you want to do in your life will need this. In the first line of code that I ever wrote, the classic “hello world!”, I was very excited, yes, of course I was, but I was very doubtful if this was my true way to follow or whether this is just another wrong decision I’ve made in my life. Programming was never easy.

Lots of people tend to believe that programming is just memorizing some words in a new strange language that they don’t know, like if you want to learn english and you just learn the basic words such as “Hello”, “How are you?” and all that stuff, but not, when you are programming, just like when you are learning a new language you need to comprehend what you are saying, what you are writing, you need to change even the way you think about things: it is all a new world, everything is different. I think that people find programming very difficult because they just think in their language, they don’t make any effort to think in this new language such as when you are learning another language that can be spoken. This was for me the very first challenge: “how the heck will I learn another freaking language that is not even spoken, that is just written?” This was the first wall that had to be demolished, and I had need to demolish it by myself. More than a learning thing, it was a mental barrier, something that grew bigger and bigger every time I failed. The darkness in a sunset, the tear in the smiling face, the sun in the desert.

When I decided to make a step back and say to myself: “this is impossible to me” I went to the mountain and decided to walk a little bit, in the exact moment I started to run I had this big epiphany: “I am making this thing impossible”, and in that exact moment I ran to my house and rethink the problem again and yes, I was able to solve it. This does not mean I am an experienced programmer now, it doesn’t. This means that I am able now to demolish the barriers in my own head and start seeing things exactly how they are: difficult but simple. Difficult because that is their nature, but simple because I can make them simple. That is the key for programming: make difficult things as simple as you can.

Never give up, your self future will say thanks to this scared little person.


Lamento los errores, no soy el mejor en inglés 😛



  1. Good experience. It’s just the beginning of a lot of programming, learning and professional growing.

    Al igual que diseñar, programar requiere de organización, perseverancia, mantener una mentalidad abierta y tener la capacidad de abstraer problemas complejos para sintetizarlos en una solución pausible.

    Te envié un mensaje por facebook, check it out!

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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